Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.
— Albert Einstein

Happy Crafters


I'm so winning best office party this year.

— Steve - pumpkin carving Corporate party

Last night's class was great! I never would've even attempted building a lamp like that on my own. I'm so glad I found this event. 

— Ming - pipe lamp making public event

That was it? We're all set? I don't need to do anything else? That was so easy! Will you do all my parties? 

— Mary - wine glass painting bachelorette party

I didn't think I would do very good but I did, and I actually like it! Can't wait to go home and hang it up.

— Jenny - wreath making public event


When my sister told us what she bought tickets for I didn't want to do a silly paint thing but then I found out it was beer bottle openers and sports logos and that sounded cool. I'm glad we came, it was fun.

— Kevin - Beer bottle openers public event

My favorite part is the stencils. When I saw that you use stencils I knew I could actually do this one!

— Maureen - Beer Bottle Openers Public Event

I've been to 3 Crafts & Drafts so far. All in different bars, that's the bonus part for me, I love checking out different places.

— Jessica - all the public parties!

This was a lot of fun. I'll be back for more.

— Brian - Pipe Lamp Making Public Event