Tap into your crafty side

paint party

This ain't your mama's paint and sip party.

We host DIY classes in bars. Remember how much fun it was to play with scissors and glue when you were a kid? You'd have a blast making a mess and then you had this awesome creation at the end you were so proud of? You can still do that...but with booze 😃 .  We're a mobile business teaching classes and workshops on over a dozen different craft projects at public and private parties in bars and restaurants around town. 


🛠 Craft Projects

You know all those Pinterest projects you haven't gotten around to making or don't know how to? Come do them with us! We teach over a dozen different craft projects, like wine glass painting, key hangers and beer bottle openers, plus awesome seasonal crafts. We're always adding new projects too so be sure to follow us to hear about new stuff!

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🎨 No Experience Needed

We know you're not Van Gogh. Heck, neither are we. That's why we like to cheat a little 😉 . Our projects are designed for all skill levels and we even use stencils. We'll bring everything you need to the event and walk you through the craft step-by-step. Sort of like paint-by-number...but with crafts...and booze.

🍻 Cheers

We host our craft classes in bars. Why? Booze. Or as we like to call it: Liquid Inspiration. It's a proven fact that the more you drink, the more creative you are. While we're teaching you how to make craft projects, we'll take toast breaks to make sure you stay good and hydrated.


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Our Story

Crafts & Drafts got started almost by accident, with one thing leading to another, until it became what it is today.



Drinker with a crafting problem.


Makers Gonna Make

The only thing we love more than sharing what we love with you at events is hearing how much you love it too!