Voted Top 5 - New Projects 2017

The first thing that comes to mind for this project are the obvious uses - candle holder or vase. But it's a jar, it can be used for anything!
Desk organization - pens, paper clips and more.
Kitchen organization - finally someplace off the counter to put all those utensils!
Here at C&D, we'll be making these for every room of the house.

wine and paint party

87.5% - The percentage of C&D Craftaholics that prefer usable art to useless dust collectors.

At this craft party, we'll be using decoupage to decorate two 6x12 inch wooden plaques before turning them into useful sconces with removable jars. So what the heck is decoupage?

   1. the art of decorating objects by gluing paper cutouts onto them in
       combination with special paint effects and other decorative elements.
   2. work produced by the art or technique of decoupage

So kinda sorta what you did in kindergarten with Elmer's Glue and construction paper, but way classier!
What this really means for you is that you don't have to have any artistic talent at all. Can't paint? Can't color in the lines? That's fine!
Choose from a variety of decorative paper with hundreds of designs, from butterflies to comic books, and tons of colors.
Seriously, the biggest complaint we get at this craft party is that there are too many choices.
There will be some assembly and painting involved but trust us, we'll show you how-to and even after a couple cocktails, you will still make a project you'll love. 

paint party
wine and paint party

Want to make your own set of Wall Sconces?

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