Most Popular Project - 2016

This project is actually the result of our Owner and Chief Craftaholic's constant loss of her keys.
You don't have to be an artist to create this useful project (don't you just love pretty things that are also useful!).
Made from a solid wood plaque and decorative paper, you're sure to make a finished piece that looks great!
The downside is, no one will believe you made it. 

What will you organize with it?

At this craft party, you'll decorate a 9x12 wooden plaque using decoupage techniques. What exactly does that mean?

   1. the art of decorating objects by gluing paper cutouts onto them in
       combination with special paint effects and other decorative elements.
   2. work produced by the art or technique of decoupage

So basically what you did in kindergarten with Elmer's Glue and construction paper but way classier!
(No we're not using Elmer's or construction paper, we've really stepped up our game here, but you get the idea.)
There are 4 different plaque shapes to choose from and we have tons of decorative paper to choose from to suit any style but the customization doesn't end there,
we'll also use some paint and stencils to further personalize your piece then you'll attach hooks to organize your stuff on.
While we firmly believe in the powers of liquid inspiration (booze) at our events, we'll also have Idea Cards with ideas, sayings, and more to help inspire your masterpiece!

wine and paint
paint night
paint party

Want to make your own Key Hanger?

Check the calendar to see if we're doing this project at an event near you soon or
contact us now to plan your own party!