The question we get most about this project is, "Is it a real clock?" 
Us, "Yes."
Them, "Really, like it works?"
Us (laughing), "Yes, it wouldn't really be 'clock making' if it didn't tell time!"

Bet you didn't know you needed 'building a clock in a bar' on your bucket list did you?

wine and paint party

It's 5 o'clock somewhere!

Clock Making is one of the most popular craft project choices for groups.
Everyone can use a clock somewhere and when you get to personalize and assemble it yourself, it really has something for everyone.

The possibilities are endless with this project - Funny phrases? Animal faces? Geometric patterns? Numbers, lines, dots?
At this event you'll receive a 9" round wooden base to decorate. We'll have Idea Cards to help inspire you, use stencils or your imagination
to stain and paint your clock to suit your own personal style then we'll show you how to assemble the clock mechanism.
We'll even bring the batteries so you go home with a working clock.


Want to make your own Clock?

Check the calendar to see if we're doing this project at an event near you soon or
contact us now to plan your own party!