So you're a grown up now. You ditched the college furniture for some decent stuff people aren't afraid to sit on.
You've stepped up your drinking game, you're all about craft beer instead of just buying cases of that light crap. Maybe you even have some art on the walls.
Now why don't you accessorize your bar with some usable art?!

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy beer and that's kind of the same thing.

At this craft party you'll build a custom wall mounted beer bottle opener complete with a removable bucket to collect your caps (for recycling of course, you're a responsible adult now).
Your wood plaque measures 6x12 and we'll show you a couple different ways to arrange it depending on what designs you conjure up for your bottle opener. We'll have stencils and Idea Cards of fun beer phrases and other design ideas to inspire your masterpiece and we'll walk you through building your bottle opener step-by-step and we'll even bring the supplies for you to hang it up.

paint party
Bachelor party

Want to make your own Beer Bottle Opener?

We only work with the coolest venues but we especially like doing this project in the best of the best - breweries!
Making this is a great choice for your office outing or to kick off your bachelor party.

Check the calendar to see if we're doing this project at an event near you soon or
contact us now to plan your own party!