February Bachelorette Party Special

We're fast approaching spring (even though it doesn't feel like it here in Chicago) and wedding season! Our craft parties are a great addition to your bachelorette festivities. It not only gives you something fun to do on your special day but you'll also have a special hand-made memento to remember the occasion by.

Crafts & Drafts' bachelorette parties are also a great activity to invite Moms, Aunts and pregnant friends to that may not be into the bar hopping scene but want to celebrate the bachelorette party with you.

Maybe you want to start the day off with a craft party. Maybe you're not really into the clubbing scene and you'd like to have a craft party and then Crafts & Drafts can arrange for your party to stay at the or bar/restaurant after for dinner. We'll arrange the venue for you depending on what city or neighborhood you want to be in and by what kind of vibe you're looking for - laid back and beer, fancy and wine, etc. - so there's definitely something for everyone.

Book your bachelorette party with us during February and receive 20% off your entire party! The event can be held anytime during 2017, you just have to book it in February.